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six packs of Djarum Bliss filtered clove smokes over a red and white background.

All-New Djarum Bliss

The Djarum clove taste and aroma enjoyed by millions now comes in six nicotine-free styles, each one with its own flavor accent and attitude. 

Exceptional taste. Zero tobacco.

Zero Tobacco
Zero Tobacco
Zero Tobacco
pack of djarum black bliss original and pack of djarum special bliss laying on a pile of clove on top of a table

Blissful Blends.


Indonesian Cloves. Botanical Accents. No Nicotine.


Djarum Bliss tobacco-free blends enhance the taste and aroma of the cloves you already love.

Enjoy the distinct taste of Djarum filtered cloves, now crafted without tobacco or nicotine.


Something Special.

Something New.

Djarum Bliss Special offers the smoother, deeper clove taste and classic brown paper that so many love and requested.

New Djarum Bliss Java offers an irresistible new taste and aroma for your morning – or evening.


Pick Your Bliss


Six nicotine-free styles make it easy to find the bliss that’s just right for you.




Djarum Bliss - Ivory


Djarum Bliss - Ivory



Djarum Bliss - Emerald


Djarum Bliss - Ruby


Djarum Bliss - Ivory


Why Cloves?

Clove moments are more than just flavor and smoke. indulge your senses or assert yourself. Escape into your moment or show them the real you.

For centuries, the taste of clove has offered restful relief from daily stress or physical discomfort.

Why Not Tobacco?

That’s what we asked hundreds of clove smokers.

If true Djarum clove taste came in tobacco-free choices, would you give them a try? The answer was a resounding “Yes.”

More to like. Less to think about. Set your own terms.

What’s it made of?

Experience the unique blend of pure Indonesian cloves, enriched with hints of tamarind, key lime, raintree, and fig leaf for an unmatched clove experience. 

What are Djarum smokers saying?

Questions? Ask Us

Why nicotine-free Djarum Bliss clove smokes?

Current adult clove smokers led us to a nicotine-free clove smoke. Nearly 80% of clove smokers told us they would try a tobacco-free product if the clove taste they enjoy came through.

Can I buy Djarum Bliss online?

 Internet retailers and tobacco catalog retailers will soon be carrying Djarum Bliss nicotine-free smokes. Remember that even though Djarum Bliss has no tobacco or nicotine, sale will still be subject to the age restrictions.

Are Djarum Bliss Cloves considered cigarettes?

Technically, no. They do not contain tobacco, which is a requirement for legal definition as a cigarette. However, your retailer may place them on the shelf in the cigarette section of his store.

Are Djarum Bliss Cloves healthier than tobacco cigarettes and cigars?

The short answer is “No”. Before you light up, please read the Djarum Bliss package warning label. All smoking products carry risks, even without nicotine. Tobacco-free does not mean they are safe.

When will I be able to buy nicotine-free Djarum Bliss in stores where I live?

Djarum Bliss is first being introduced in California and some adjoining states in the first half of 2023, and in several New England states before mid-year. We will be posting available areas as distribution grows.

Is Djarum Bliss Emerald made with real menthol?

Yes. We formulated a unique balance of menthol and clove so that menthol smokers can enjoy the chill without losing the pleasure of their clove moment.

How many Djarum Bliss flavors will there be?

We’re starting with 4 nicotine-free Djarum Bliss flavors, including Original clove and Menthol, plus Ruby, and Ivory which you will recognize as soon as you take your first puff. More choices are in the works.

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Clove Conversations.

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About Nicotine

If you use tobacco, nicotine comes with the territory. But for most clove smokers, nicotine’s really not part of what they want or need. The fact is nicotine doesn’t taste very good. Without it, your Djarum cloves deliver a fuller, richer taste and aroma.