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Clove Conversations

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Djarum Bliss offers a new nicotine-free choice for clove smokers past, present, and future. Read what others have to say about Djarum Bliss, and then try them for yourself and let us know what you think!

"I love them. I used to smoke the regular ones with the nicotine and they discontinued them. I walked into a cigar shop and they had these in the same flavor, just no nicotine. I was very happy and bought 2 packs!"

-Robert S.

"Familiar smell is there, good burn, slightly milder, yet smoother taste. Tasted very fresh. A bit more crackling when I inhale."

John M.

“At first I thought the flavor was too light but grew to love them.”

Dimitri K.

“I loved them, they smell great and look nice. I like the fact that they are black.”

Kim S.

“I like them, can't tell the difference in the taste between it and the original Djarum clove cigars. I can't inhale the cigars but the flavor and taste of the clove cigarette is very enjoyable.”

Jasper F.

“They are lovely. Wish they weren’t quite as harsh but just as flavorful as I remember them.”

Kerri K.


“The look, smell and even the flavor, but the flavor and inhale are lighter. I’d love it if they made the Djarum Specials that I currently smoke were nicotine-free, tobacco-free type available. Even better would be the Djarum Vanillas that were my favorite until they were removed from the market, in nicotine-free, tobacco-free.”

Danny K.


“They appear the same as the original clove cigars. They have a nice and slightly bold aroma as soon as you open the pack. The size is slightly smaller, speaking in the terms of thickness compared to a regular cigarette.”

Walter G.


“I noticed the diameter is smaller which seems more like a cigarette to me and I am ok with that considering I enjoy these being a shorter smoke than the normal blacks. I even noticed that the Tabasco replacement looks the same as normal blacks so overall the appearance is pleasing and makes it feel like I am just smoking normal blacks, which is a positive for me.”

Phil M.


“I would never have known these were nicotine and tobacco free if I wasn’t previously told this, which is what would be my main draw to them. They were exactly like smoking a standard clove, except for a bit of a burnt taste?”

Jessica D.


“They are great. They remind me of how cloves used to be. They smell herby and of clove. Which I love. I love the fact that there were more in the box. And the fact that they are non-nicotine and non-tobacco is wonderful because they are better for me. I absolutely would buy them.”

Jerry T.


“I love that you kept the black color, it’s one of the clove biggest indicators. The aroma just when I opened the pack was wonderfully surprising.”

Tom M.


“The thing I liked most about this clove was that there is no nicotine. Being a former Marlboro smoker I changed over to cloves to get away from the nicotine. Taste was the most surprising, they were everything that I have grown to love in a clove cigarette and these are honestly my new favorite.”

Daniel D.


“Taste the same as the cigar. Easy to smoke, less harsh for my lungs.”

Marissa W.


“I like the idea of smoking without tobacco and nicotine. They worked very well when I was drinking and smoking constantly.”

John R.


“They do not leave a tobacco aftertaste. They do leave a slight clove taste which is nice. The tobacco after taste of regular cigarettes is gross.”

Joe P.


“I liked the fact that it was free from nicotine and tobacco. I also like the fact that it came with as many as it did.”

Julio S.


“Taste was by far my most pleasant part of the new cloves. That smooth, sweet flavor is why I fell in love with these cigarettes, many years ago. The clove makes for the most unique experience and there is no after taste or harsh after taste.”

Michael M.


“The regular clove can take a while to smoke and this was in between a clove and cigarette. The time to smoke one was just right.”

Camrie L.


“There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about them. If they were available on the market, I’d buy them in addition to my regular brand.”

Brennan D.


“By the 3rd one really liked them. By the 10th loved them”

Kate S.


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